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Drag-drop some images to this App, add descriptive text, hit Generate and Publish! You now have a description for any type of collection, available on the Web, locally on your computer, or on your smartphone.

With ArtWeb you can automatically generate WEB-pages to describe your collection. The special thing about ArtWeb Generator is that you may include lage amounts of information, reference pictures, web links etc. to go along with your picture. The format of the pages is controlled by selecting different templates. The system may be used to create single pages to show your images, but it is also possible to create complex systems where no page is similar to the other.
Local or remote
ArtWeb generator is executed locally on your computer and can automatically generate all details needed for your online (or offline) web-site. The intended use is primally local, but if copyright conditions allow it you may just as well use it to share pictures with friends and family. Usually free web space is included with your internet service (or check out www.eu.pn).
No knowledge of HTML required
The program is easy to use. No knowledge of HTML or similar is required. Information for each picture is entered through input forms. A lage number of predefined options for formatting exist on the menus.
Everything entered may be refered to via keywords on a template. There are a number of standard templates available to use for formatting. With some basic skills in HTML you may create new templates or modify existing ones. You could for example take your current webpage, add template tags and populate it with pictures.
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